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It might just change your life!

“The first thing I noticed on my first visit was the relaxing atmosphere, Dr. Julie has created a welcoming and warm space. After three sessions with Dr. Julie I can confidently say that her treatments have changed my life for the better. After struggling with back pain for years that had only been getting worse, I am finally able to sleep pain free! Not only that, but there has been major improvement to the pain in my partially torn labrum in my right shoulder which I had just accepted was going to hurt for the rest of my life. I have experienced less stress, anxiety and an improved appetite since beginning these acupuncture sessions. Dr. Julie is kind and professional, talking through any concerns I had before we started and communicating through the entire session making sure I was comfortable and relaxed. I find myself looking forward to my sessions and the improvements I feel after every week! If you are like me and you felt there was nothing you could do to ease the pain, stress and anxiety, I recommend you give this a chance as I did. It might just change your life!” Dan

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